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How we can help your business grow

Hiring a dependable web design company is vital in ensuring that your company receives the recognition it deserves. At Winzyweb we measure our success by yours. The same attention that goes into our clients here in Barcelona goes to our worldwide clients and affiliates.

Web Design

We create sophisticated websites that offer a straightforward user experience. Our mission is to make you be remembered with style. Our graphic artists will assure that you stick out from the crowd. With our services we can help your business rediscover itself in the online marketplace or expand its existing position.

Web Development

We have a direct approach to streamlining web designs. Special care is taken to ensure that maintenance will be as pain-free as possible for our clients. We use proven technologies and adapt the right ones from the plethora of options out there. Creation of custom forms, tracking site usage, creating responsive mobile first applications is our bread and butter.

Smart Design

  • Custom themes
  • Intelligent layout
  • Mobile first planning
  • 100’s of pages designed

Web Development

  • Clean and fast backend
  • Coding
  • Plugin creation
  • Customization
  • Cross platform integration


  • Responsive design
  • Multi functional
  • Clear direction
  • Call to action


  • SEO
  • Social media integration
  • Content writing
  • Niche marketing

Who am I?
and where do I come from?

I fix broken stuff, I get the job done well and am always around to talk

This is where developers talk about how much they love coffee and/or show how quirky they are.  I don’t do that, but I will give give you some background info.

It all started early 2001, in Athens, with my partner’s creation, Exentric.  The first years were literally spent explaining to people why they need a web site and how use their email.  As the years have passed Exentric has grown into one of the top ranked web design services in Greece. My role was to fix the broken parts. Move a header to the left, add a border on the right, center a heading etc.  This grew to more and more complex tasks, such as converting static sites into responsive ones, converting pdf files to HTML, converting static HTML sites into WordPress, and a lot more.

The question I am asked most frequently is “Can you change this?” and my answer is almost always “Yes, I can. It’s what I do.”

Living with this mindset has given birth to the idea of a web repair shop which is what Winzyweb’s role is.  A few changes to your web site are often all you need, and often something which could take you hours of time looking up and testing could take me a few minutes to finish, so shoot me a message and lets get the site fixed up


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