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Is it time to redesign my website? (part 2)

The not so obvious. The more obvious reasons are found in part 1. While answering the question “Is it time for a website redesign?” last week, I covered a few of the obvious reasons for doing so.  This week I present a few more reasons that one could easily overlook or just not know about.

Your website is not your control center.

The center of your operations should be your web page even if you spend 99% for your time on Facebook.  Social media site regulations change and you can find yourself with content that is not accessible to your target audience or even removed.  You don’t own it.  Your website, on the other hand, is yours, you can claim everything on it.  The best way to handle communication on multiple platforms is to think of your website as the headquarters and have everything emit from it.  Write a blog post and have it forwarded to social media.  Don’t waste time reposting things across many platforms.  Build your own archive, it will enhance your presence, build credibility and will reduce the headache of keeping track of what you do where.

website redesignYou don’t have a landing page

Websites are, in many ways, what posters and billboards once were.  You could have the best restaurant in town but if you make your own flyers in crayon, you probably won’t get many diners.  What people see when they first open you website is what will determine if they will stick around.  Take the viewer by the hand and have them do something when they open your site.  Get them to watch a video, sign up for a newsletter, give them access to your eshop.

You know your site like the back of your hand

But your clients don’t.  Put yourself in the eyes of your client, or better yet, have someone who hasn’t seen your website open it in front of you.  What do they do first? Are they going where you want them to go? If they are asking you questions such as “where do I go now?” or “where is X section?” you know that you have some website redesign work to do.

Your business has changed

You opened a pet shop four years ago, along with a website.  As time passed you found selling dog food in bulk was most profitable and shifted your focus. However, your website hasn’t changed.  It is time to redesign the website and change direction.  Start thinking of writing dog nutrition articles and adapt your website to your current business model.

Your neighbor has a cooler car than you

If you notice that most of your competitors have updated sites, you have to do the same.  Visit their site, is the experience better than on yours? Are you being pushed down in search rankings by your competitors because they have better SEO?  Time to make some changes.

So, website redesign?

Take into consideration all these factors and determine for yourself if a website redesign is in order.  Of course, here at Winzyweb we can inspect your website and make recommendations with no obligation on your part.  Contact us and we’ll get back to you with ideas to make your site look great.


Is it time to redesign my website? (part 1)

I want to redesign my website! Whether you live in a fast paced city like Barcelona or prefer a more relaxing environment to conduct your business, keeping your website current is as important as a shop keeper maintaining  their window display fresh.  The good thing is, that, just like in a real store, you do not always have to ditch your old website. Many changes in functionality and form can be done either by you or by a web developer/designer at a low cost compared to creating a new site.

I have broken down this post into five obvious things and five not so obvious things to consider when asking the question “should I redesign my website?” Here we go:


I said these would be obvious! If your site still has flash elements on it, chances are someone has notified you that they can’t see your page.  Apple plain refuses to include flash support on ipads and iphones, so anyone using those will not be able to see your site.  Also, Firefox users are hit with warnings and have to allow the site to be viewed despite the warnings.  That definitely does not inspire confidence when one wants to view a site and, perhaps, purchase something from it.

You can replace most flash elements you have using html, css, javascript and/or jquery.   I’ll get into tips on how to upgrade on your own in my following posts.

Mobile friendly

Captain obvious strikes back.  If you haven’t heard of responsive design you probably wouldn’t be viewing a page such as this. The mobile tipping point occurred in 2014 where the amount of people using mobile devices surpassed desktop users for their media consumption.  Mobile web browsing is also increasing every year.

Depending on the structure of your site, adapting your site to a mobile friendly framework may not be difficult and would cost less than a new design.

Is it time to redesign my websiteDifficulty updating and maintaining your site

If you need to call someone to add content to your page, you are wasting your time.  Things such as adding blog posts, photos, adding users, editing forms and creating menu links should be handled by you, or even better, by one of your employees.  A content management system (CMS) such as WordPress could make your life a lot easier.

Again, hooking your site to a CMS could be a more viable solution than creating a brand new site.

You are embarrassed of your website

When people ask you for your address, do you reply by saying “it’s!” or do you make up excuses about how you haven’t worked on it or it isn’t up to date. Even if you do not sell products or services through your site and your site serves as little more than an online business card, there is no reason you should not be proud of it.

Sometimes it takes just a few adjustments to breathe life back into your website.

Because you want to

We buy a nice suit and five years down the line we want to get a new one.  It’s no different for a website.  You might be bored of the design or you might want to change your logo. Maybe you want a fresh start for your business.  A redesign or an upgrade of the site could give your business a boost!

So, do I redesign my website?

Today I examined five obvious things to consider when thinking about redesigning your website, in subsequent posts, I’ll talk about other less obvious reasons and talk about specific fixes that you yourself can do.

Here at Winzyweb we can inspect your website and make recommendations for free with no obligation on your part.  Contact us and we’ll get back to you with ideas to make your site look great.

Check out part 2 with some less obvious reasons to upgrade your website.

Barcelona artist website – Cynthia Fusillo

barcelona artist

A Barcelona Artist

When I was first contacted to create this site, I jumped on the occasion. Here I was, getting started in this highly creative city and the opportunity to somehow be a part of it was something I couldn’t miss, so I got started on making this Barcelona artist website.  The results are are very satisfactory.  You can read about my process for making websites for artists in my two part entry here and here.

Cynthia was great to work with and in the end we created an archive of this prolific artist’s work.  The work speak for itself, so please have a look here and judge for yourself.

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