Month: June 2016

Add new email accounts in the Cpanel

Clients often ask me how to add new email accounts in the Cpanel.  We offer unlimited accounts and they deserve to have them!  Creating them is easy but with this quick guide it will be easier and you will probably never have to use it again after creating your first account.  The steps are as follows:

Add new email accounts in the Cpanel

1. Login to your cpanel.  You should have kept the login info somewhere safe when you subscribed, but if you didn’t, you can most likely find it in the introduction email we (or your current provider) sent you when you first subscribed to the hosting package.  The URL is http://www.YOUR_WEBSITE_NAME/cpanel ( For example ).
Once you are in the cpanel click on Email Accounts.



2. Enter the email username.

3. Use the password generator to create a secure password. Keep the new password in a safe place. Also set the Mailbox Quota to something according the amount of space you have in your contract. For example if you have 1GB of space contract don’t give your email account more than 200MB. If you are the one managing the site and the email address you dont have to worry about this setting, but you will have to make sure to clean out your inbox every now and then because inbox space counts as much as your website space when determining how much of your allocated storage space is being used.


4. Your new account should now appear below and you are ready to use it. From this new area you can edit or delete this email account.
Add new email accounts in the Cpanel

Hope this guide has been helpful and if you are interested in hearing about our design or hosting services or need any clarification on how to add new email accounts in the Cpanel, contact us here at Winzyweb today!

Customize the WordPress dashboard footer

After a long day of coding, apparently, I like to relax by trying to figure how how to customize the WordPress dashboard footer.  It’s just a little detail but when you add them up you see that they all matter.  I don’t always include a “built by Winzyweb” reference in my client’s webpages, and that is  a topic of debate between me, my partner and colleagues.  However, the inclusion of a discrete footer in the dashboard is a friendly reminder to your clients that you are around.  Some would say it is so discrete that they don’t even recall that there is a footer in the dashboard.  To remind you here it is:



(HINT: It’s the part that says “Thank you for creating with WordPress”)

How to Customize the WordPress dashboard footer

There’s a plugin for it, but it is so simple there is no reason to take that route.  But if you really want one, I’ll include the link at the bottom of the post.  For the rest of you here are the easy steps:

1. FTP to your site and open the functions.php file.

2. Insert the following code:

3. Modify it for your business or your personal info.

4. Save and refresh the dashboard.

Here is what I put

Customize the WordPress dashboard footer

Hope you found this useful.

Personal admin footer Plugin



Clickbait, is it worth it?

I have gotten so used to clickbait that I pretty much avoid clicking on anything that I might have the slightest suspicion to be clickbait.   Sometimes though, I slip and click.  It makes me realize that because the “bait” was about a person I admire, my initial reaction was to become concerned about them, so I clicked without thinking.  In addition, the article was from a “respected” news source, The Independent, another reason to have my lowered my bullshit detector. It was the combination of those two factors that made me bite.

This is what I saw posted on Facebook (The clickbait):


I’ve always liked the guy.  Fastest man in the world, top notch sportsman and without a chip on his shoulder like many other sprinters.  But when I saw the title, it brought forth a fear every fan of athletics has, and that is doping, so I got to thinking about that.  And, as i mentioned earlier, it is coming from a respectable source.

So, I clicked to read on:


What??? This is clickbait at its finest.  Text book clickbait.  If I were to ask the person who made this they would respond, innocently, that everything is true, and that it is not their fault that I assumed the that Bolt was taking drugs, and that in fact they had never mentioned that he was taking drugs in the opening post!

News sources are being judged (and valued by advertisers) according to the amount of hits their articles generate. In the past, newspapers had more sales and even then they would add extras to their Sunday editions to get you to make a purchase.  However, by setting you up, the way they do now, in order to read their articles, they are slowly chipping (others say rabidly chopping) away at their credibility.  The harsh truth is that clickbait works. I probably wouldn’t have clicked on the title “Nesta Carter tests positive for steroids.” Clickbait isn’t even new, but it has gone to new heights and in the end either enough people will be fed up with it and it will curb in certain sectors or we will just get used to having the news be like a scratch-off lottery ticket.

If you are interested in reading more about clickbait,Wired has a great article about it.

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