Month: May 2017

How Many People Use the WordPress Editor?

Just read the survey on how many people use the WordPress Editor and how they feel about it.  The survey’s full results can be found here. The editor has been a cause of much debate and, I also think, a hindrance for many people that either work with WordPress or who would like to do so.

Most of the respondents were developers and used the text (mark-up) editor more frequently than the visual editor.  That’s logical and I’m sure that non-developer users, such as bloggers or site owners use the visual editor more often.

The part that some found surprising but I expected was that that 75% of users have never tried the distraction-free mode. This mode was brought in 3 years ago and the purpose was to make editing easier, but in reality is confusing to learn and most people get by with the current editor assisted by plugins that let you include shortcodes into the editor or visual editor plugins like Visual Composer or even Beaver Builder.

The devs at WordPress have to come up with a solution, and I know it’s a priority right now, to make editing easier for regular users.  Designers and developers are comfortable with the current editor, even if it’s far from perfect, but new users and regular users are often turned away from WordPress because of it.


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