Customize the WordPress dashboard footer

After a long day of coding, apparently, I like to relax by trying to figure how how to customize the WordPress dashboard footer.  It’s just a little detail but when you add them up you see that they all matter.  I don’t always include a “built by Winzyweb” reference in my client’s webpages, and that is  a topic of debate between me, my partner and colleagues.  However, the inclusion of a discrete footer in the dashboard is a friendly reminder to your clients that you are around.  Some would say it is so discrete that they don’t even recall that there is a footer in the dashboard.  To remind you here it is:



(HINT: It’s the part that says “Thank you for creating with WordPress”)

How to Customize the WordPress dashboard footer

There’s a plugin for it, but it is so simple there is no reason to take that route.  But if you really want one, I’ll include the link at the bottom of the post.  For the rest of you here are the easy steps:

1. FTP to your site and open the functions.php file.

2. Insert the following code:

3. Modify it for your business or your personal info.

4. Save and refresh the dashboard.

Here is what I put

Customize the WordPress dashboard footer

Hope you found this useful.

Personal admin footer Plugin



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