Getting started in Barcelona

For me, Barcelona is the last stop of a 20 year tour of the continents. Great food, excellent weather, friendly people, incredible architecture. A trend setting city with great designers artists, chefs combined with an offbeat street vibe. It is no wonder so many people move here hoping to get away from the life they live in. And many of those who do, kill two birds with one stone. Statements such as “I’m moving to Barcelona AND I’m going to work for myself” have been said and followed through by many people, and many have succeeded. There are those who are afraid of starting in a foreign country but I always felt that entering a new culture is an advantage when starting business. You are not constrained by many of the social norms which, as a result, has you doing something that is not normally done but which works out well. People are generally interested in knowing foreigners and with a little effort you can make many local connections quickly. On the other side you can also meet many expats who are always willing to expand their circles.

You have made the decision to move here and start your business, or you already live here and your business is a reality. Like you, I came here to set up my business designing web pages and help build others do the same. Everyone knows that a good web design is a must. But there is more to it. A mobile first webpage is the future, so is a responsive site fully integrated with all relevant social media. I will talk about the various aspects of an online presence such as the costs of a web design in Barcelona and elsewhere, choices of whether to target local or expat customers, the importance of offline networking, design trends, the benefits of WordPress and many more topics of interest.

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