New WhatsApp privacy settings

So, WhatsApp abandoned its promised policy of privacy.  Surprised? Since Facebook bought WhatsApp it was just a matter of time that the WhatsApp privacy settings would change.  When you turn on your phone today you will be asked to agree with the changes.  If you don’t mind WhatsApp sharing your info along with your phone number to advertisers go ahead and click “Agree”.

To keep your old WhatsApp privacy settings

DO NOT TAP ON “Agree”, Tap on “read more” and by all means read it!

Switch the green switch to off and then tap “Agree”

All done.

All is not lost if you have already clicked AGREE

If you inadvertently accepted the WhatsApp privacy settings this morning, you still have 30 days (till September 25, 2016) to change them.  This is done by simply going to Settings > Account > Share my account info and unchecking the box.

WhatsApp privacy settings

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