No More Popups on Mobile Devices

Google, our (benevolent?) overlord, has decided to punish popups on mobile devices.  This will start in January 2017.  We have enough time to set our media queries or for the popup plugin designers to set an on off switch on the popup depending on screen size.  Personally, I am glad to see them go on small devices, and even wish for a better way to curb their rampant use on all devices.  However, I don’t like how Google has become the internet policeman or rather judge, jury and executioner of things.  Sooner or later it will backfire and bite Google in the ass.

So, really, no more popups?

Barring the staging of mass demonstrations outside Google offices, there are some ways to accomplish what your popups accomplish on a small screen and not suffer for it.  Google will not punish these three cases:

1. Your cookie police statement

2. An age verification check for you owners of naughty sites

3. A small banner “that uses a reasonable amount of screen space”.  You can see the image below, taken from Google’s site that a form to collect emails could theoretically be used there.

Popups on Mobile Devices

I plan to use that space for my mailing forms.  If I hear of any changes before the new year, I’ll be posting updates here.

If you are interested you can read Google’s announcement here.


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