• 1 Year free hosting
  • 10 GB Monthly Traffic
  • Unlimited email
  • Installation of WordPress, Theme and Logo
  • Formatting of up to 10 pages of your content
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Winzy Standard


  • Same as Basic plus
  • Fully customized theme
  • Customized Home Page, Contact, About and Blog page
  • Creation of contact forms and email lists
  • Installation of plugin stack
  • SEO ready, creation of up to two social media pages
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Full Business Plan


  • Same as Standard plus
  • Logo creation
  • Content writing for Home, About and Contact Pages
  • Content writing for up to 5 products
  • Creation of up to 5 social media pages
  • Up to 3 additional custon pages
  • Installation and configuration of WooCommerce
  • On site 2 hour photography session
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Most of our clients like to mix and match services and products. Contact us and we will go through various solutions for your company’s need and figure out the best road to take.

Landing Page


  • This is the content you typically see on a main, about and services/info pages. With distinct calls to action, it includes the SEO keywords you're trying to target and in total is about 200 – 450 words long (It varies site by site). This is the most important text in your site and properly written landing page text can increase your sales and get you more subscribers. Likewise, poor content can really increase bounce rates. That is why it is more expensive than other content writing.
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SEO Blog Posts


  • These are a good way to increase your visibility in search engines. You give us the topic and we can create organic text that will target long string search terms that will draw in clients. A typical 300 word SEO geared article casts in the 50 Euro range
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There are several choices when it comes to images for your site. If you already have high quality images send them to us as part of the regular web design process and we will incorporate them into your site. Otherwise:

Stock Images

€40 / set of 10

  • There are many options to choose from, some are free (and good!). Others are more specialized and unique. Choosing the right images takes time and an expert eye. The price does not include any extra fee the stock image company requires.
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  • You most likely will want to have actual photographs of your business and your products. If you are in the Barcelona region, we collaborate with photographers who have experience in industrial, commercial and food photography. One even shoots the FC Barcelona ad campaigns!
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We started as a web development team and have over 10 years of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and PHP experience. For example, you installed a plugin and it is isn’t working, or doesn’t look right on your site or you have created your own site and simply want to tweak a few things that can’t be done in the dashboard, we can get that done for you. Perhaps the site is just broken, we can get your site repaired in no time.

Standard Web Dev rates


  • Our extensive knowledge of HTML, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS will get the job done quickly
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Emergency Rate


  • For when your site is up in smoke and you need help right away. We stop whatever we are doing and get to work ASAP on the site
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Credit Pack


Websites don’t end the day they are launched. Besides the need to make your site grown organically but adding content, adding products, increasing awareness, marketing etc, you also need to maintain the website. We written and article about some tasks you can take to keep your site running here. Of course you can always hire us to take care of it instead.


€2900hr. / €24900yr.

  • We backup your site every month
  • Update all your plugins
  • Clean up the site
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€4900hr. / €49900yr.

  • Same is Basic plus
  • 1 hour of web develpoment work on the site
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Full Controll

€9900hr. / €94900yr.

  • Same is Standard plus
  • One SEO blog post
  • Weekly update of a social media channel
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