Restaurant website in Barcelona – What makes a good one

The restaurant business in Barcelona is huge and the competition is fierce. It is highly competitive everywhere, I know because I come from a family of restaurant owners. You need a solid marketing strategy to create a buzz to get the word out. The best way to do this is with an attractive restaurant website and a presence on all the major social sites that people use to find places to eat. Given the fact that tourism is so important here in Barcelona, it is imperative that the website and all social media placement is in perfect English as well as Catalan and Spanish.

There are several elements needed to make a great restaurant website.

  • Responsive/mobile friendly

icon-boost93 percent of restaurant customers make their dining decisions the day of the visit

63 percent of mobile customers state that mobile apps are “important in helping them decide where to eat near home”

83 percent say their smartphone helps them find a restaurant when traveling
*All statistics above reported by JiMobile / NinthDecimal

The importance of having a restaurant website that be viewed on mobile devices cannot be over-stressed. A group of friends that finds themselves in Poble Sec and wants a drink or a bite to eat will take out their phones, go to Yelp! and see what is close by that looks good and other have said is good.

  • Your Story
    A description of your place. What you are all about? Are you a trendy tapas joint? Are you a Chemistry Professor who got tired of his day job and is now mixing gin and tonic? Write about it. Your customers will appreciate it. It breathes life into your restaurant website.
  • Menu
    Let everyone in Barcelona and beyond know about the food you are making. It is important to have excellent photos to demonstrate how good your food is. If you have the equipment and the patience and skill, take them on your own. If not, hire someone or let us at Winzyweb help you out. We have several food photographers that we work with.   Descriptions of the food are also important. You may list prices, specials, and nutritional information if you wish.
  • Contact Info
    It seems obvious but I have encountered restaurant pages that were missing either their address, a map, phone number, hours of operation and/or email address.
  • Gallery
    A gallery of what your restaurant looks like, of people having fun and eating, of your staff, of you! Customers like to have an idea of what type of place you have, and while you could describe it in words, a gallery will leave a better impression
  • Extra Pages
    Depending on what type of restaurant you own you may want to include a page with upcoming events (with a newsletter for your fans). If you take reservations, a page to handle reservations will save you a lot of time. We have  provide the latest in reservation management software for your business. You might want to provide online ordering of food for pickup or delivery. Or perhaps you work with an outside service such as , we can seamlessly connect your site to their services.
  • Presence on restaurant apps and social media
    You need to make sure you have a storefront that you have created on Yelp, Tripadvisor,,, foursquare, Google My Business and others. Your restaurant might already appear on those pages just from customers that have visited and posted on those sites, but if you do not claim them and edit various details you could be getting shortchanged. Facebook is important, if only to have your store searchable, and it, along with Twitter, can be a great tool for promoting your restaurant. Instagram is another useful tool for the restaurant business.

Having online presence is a great opportunity to reach out to your target market. If you want to create a new website or plan to redesign your existing one but you need help in building a beautiful and organized website, you can contact us here at Winzyweb and we can offer you an affordable restaurant package deal which includes a web site and the creation of various social media sites, or you can opt for our custom solutions including the creation of the web site along with everything that can go along with it, from photo sessions to expert content writing.


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