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Do you ever wish there was more time in your day to read about web design and development? Do you find that when you are taking a break from your work you are heading to the Codex instead of Facebook? If yes, you are in luck. Podcasts have gone through a resurgence these past years and there are some great web design podcasts out there and many are specialized WordPress podcasts, which is even better if you are a fan like I am.

I present these great podcasts that will inspire and motivate you.  Download them, listen to them in your car, on the metro or listen to them on your next run.



Matt ReportThe Matt Report is hosted by Matt Medeiros and he provides a lot of insight into the workings of the designer and development business.  He tackles subjects suck as the viability of a theme development company and how to manage low budget projects vs high budget projects.  One of my go-to web design podcasts.

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The WordPress Chick Kim Doyal does not deal with all the nerdy stuff, as she says.  She is about everything else: content management, strategy, marketing etc.  All the stuff I don’t like to deal with but I listen to her because she really breaks it all down into common speech.  In addition, she also gets you into thinking about how you can help your business. Good stuff!

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Your Website EngineerYou can set your clock to Your Website Engineer by Dustin Hartzler.  Podcasts come out every week featuring the latest WordPress news, the presentation of a recommended plugin, followed by succinct information on some aspect of WordPress.  It could be measures to take to increase security or even fun pieces of code to add to your site.  Episodes are short and nutritious.

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WP Tavern Jeff Chandler and Marcus Couch have a great podcast with very interesting guests.  They are true to the title of their podcast as the atmosphere is very tavernesque with a relaxed flow to the conversation.  You can count on them putting out an episode weekly, I rarely miss one.

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Jen Simmons engages in great conversations with legends of design and development.  The web is getting more and more complex and the this podcast you will get to hear discussions that dissect every aspect of the web .

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 What are your favorite web design podcasts?

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