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Website maintenance is something you have to do.  You can do it on your own or hire someone. Many of the steps are easy to follow and if some are too difficult we can help. Get in touch with us and we’ll offer you an economical website maintenance solution.  Gone are the days of €400 fees, for much less you can rest easy about your website.


You must backup your site. I can’ stress this enough.  Backup EVERYTHING.  Backup your database, backup your your pages and posts, backup your themes, backup all your media.  Things sometimes go wrong, you need that kind of stress.

Be a stranger – look at your page from the outside. Don’t enter your dashboard, don’t login. Open a private window (Firefox) or incognito window (Chrome) and type in your site’s url. Browse through your site as a visitor would. Note things you like and dislike.
Update your plugins, update WordPress. Now you can enter your dashboard. Check for updates. There will be a number in a circle next to the updates heading. Update your plugins and possibly your WP version. I can’t stress how important it is to have followed the backup procedures before doing this.Website maintenance image
Broken Links – Go through all the links on your page. Broken links are a sign of a neglected website. Search engines will punish you for that. If you have lots of content you can use a plugin to help you find all the broken links. The Broken Link Checker plugin is a good one. To avoid burdening your site and slowing your webpage, simply activate it when needed and shut it off when done.
We all love plugins – I know people who would install a plug that looks for plugins. Though they are one of the things that makes WordPress great, they also burden our websites. When preforming maintenance make sure that all the plugins you have are essential to your website. Ask yourself whether you still need that Santa Gif Generator plugin you downloaded in 2009.
Themes – Get rid of themes you don’t need. It is best to stick with one theme and only change it occasionally when you want to change your site’s look. No need to load your website with many themes. Have you ever noticed a plugin that you swear you never installed?  Chances are that the last theme you installed added it to your site.
Spam – Get rid of all the spam you have received. Delete it permanently. Straightforward stuff.
Update your content – Re-read your posts and pages.  Do you need to add anything new? Is there something you missed? Something that you have written that is irrelevant now?
Check your website stats – Look at the traffic of your website.  How has it evolved since the last time you looked?  Are you getting more hit? more or less inbound links, and whom who? Be sure that the links you receive are from reputable sources.

If you follow these steps every couple of weeks you can be assured that your webpage will run smoothly and keeps its freshness.  Some of the tasks, such as updating content, might have to be done more frequently, especially if you own a commerce site or have a blog.  The rest can done about twice a month or even monthly.

Should you do this on your own?

If you enjoy this type of work and have the time and energy there is no reason why you shouldn’t.  If you are a business owner, you might not want to allocate your time to reading about CSS, WordPress and databases in order to then perform website maintenance.  You might want to use the time to focus on other aspects of your work.

Here at Winzyweb we can take of all of that for you, maintenance packages for a mid-sized website start at about 25€(30$)/month.  Contact us to find out how we can keep you website running smoothly and safely, or if you would like some advice just leave a message in our comments section.


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